gps property settlements

gps property settlements

Helping you settle your home.

Family owned and operated Real Estate Settlement Agency based in Joondalup, Western Australia

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our family

We are a family owned and operated Real Estate Settlement Agency.

about us

We Provide Total Senior Healthcare Solutions

our care

We have established loyal and supportive relationships with other industry professionals and our clientele.

our expertise

GPS Property Settlements has over 16 years of experience, knowledge and understanding of the Perth property market.

our guarantee

We guarantee to make your home settlement process easy. Our team puts care into every client that we work with. 

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Join Us and Become Our New Family Chase Your Dream

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Our services

Residential Property

We handle all the necessary paperwork, liaise with relevant parties involved, and ensure that all legal obligations are met,

Commercial Property

Our team of professionals brings a wealth of knowledge and experience in managing diverse commercial property types, such as office spaces, retail properties, industrial facilities, and more.

Subdivision of Property

Our experienced team collaborates closely with all parties involved, ensuring smooth coordination and efficient communication throughout the settlement process.

Deceased Estates

We are well-versed in the legal and administrative complexities involved in settling deceased estates. From obtaining the necessary probate or letters of administration to navigating estate distribution

Court ordered transfers

Our team of professionals is well-equipped to navigate the intricacies of these situations, providing reliable and efficient settlement services.

Family Transfers

We understand that transferring property within a family requires a unique approach, considering the emotional and personal dynamics involved.

Our Process

At GPS Property Settlements, we pride ourselves on providing a seamless and hassle-free process for our clients. Our well-refined and streamlined procedures ensure that every step of the settlement journey is executed with precision and efficiency.


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